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Building and home automation allows you to conveniently control different systems and basic appliances from a remote access point such as a tablet, a smart phone or a centralized unit inside the building. The ability to monitor your company or home from anywhere in the world opens the doors to a new level of accessibility and control, which allows the user to take care of the place while being far away. 

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The main objectives of building… (no mistakes) … The system can also evaluate and perform tasks from beginning to end without human interaction, making an extremely useful tool. The system is able to send a warning alert with enough time in advance for you to avoid any inconvenience and save money.

Similarly, providing lighting to rooms based on an occupancy schedule has the potential to save significant amounts of money and help preserve the environment by keeping you from spending electricity you do not need. Our team at Teleworks can help adapt the implemented systems to meet your needs, making the smart home of your dreams come true.

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 Teleworks is backed by Schneider Electric for applications in the industry. Our solutions include the control of HVAC in industrial buildings, as well as the implementation of vibrational frequency controls to reduce the consumption by starting HVAC equipment pumps. In addition, it is possible to automate the injection and extraction of fresh air in industrial buildings in order to reduce the energy consumption that these systems generally represent in the operational cost of a plant. Teleworks also has solutions for electrical rooms where the integrity of the electrical cabinets is ensured by monitoring its temperature and placing individual extinguishing systems in case of a fire, avoiding further losses.

 Teleworks has extensive experience in the design and implementation of comprehensive building management systems, obtaining constant savings in electricity consumption, increasing the value of the building, complying with environmental sustainability standards and improving the well-being of the occupants.

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